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Meet Our Boys


 “MBISS GCH Baffi Dobry Rok"

So excited to introduce our new Grand Ch
  "Baffi" is an import from Poland, he is 7 years old and is Heart, Eye, and Patella Certified. He is also certified "Normal" for Curly Coat Drye Eye and Episodic Falling Syndrome and also clear for DM as well.  He has some very nice bloodlines in his pedigree including Torylac, Maibee, Craigowl, and Dobry Rok. He has finished his Grand Championship and has won Multiple Best in Show Specialties.  :)  He has the sweetest temperament and loves everyone he meets, an incredibly special boy to me.  
                                 He is available at stud to approved bitches.

"Baffi's" Import Pedigree

GCH California Dreaming Elensis-               The Royal Choice

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 27 Fri BOW
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel #21 Sat BO
Cavalier King Charles #27 Sun OHBOB Judg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 21 Sun BOW

Meet our newest Grand Champion Louie. He is 2 years old and an absolute joy! A wonderful sweet temperament. Louie came to us all the way from the Ukraine. A special thank you to his breeder, Olena Malkina for trusting us with her precious baby.  He has current clear OFA tests for Heart by a cardiologist, Eyes by an ophthalmologist, and Patella. He is also DNA clear for Episodic falling, and Curly coat Dry Eye. He has done incredibly well in the show ring and we are excited to see what he does in the future. He is co-owned and lives with a dear friend of mine up in Dallas, Kayla Escamilla. (Verla Kinsey is also a co-owner)


Louie’s Foreign Pedigree

CH Endemik Nuclear Bomb"


Meet “Princeton. He is 3 years old, has a soft gentle sweet temperament and is about 14lbs, the perfect size to sit in any lap :) Princeton came to us all the way from the France. A special thank you to his breeder, Joris Mirabel for trusting us with his boy.  He has current clear OFA tests for Heart by a cardiologist, Eyes by an ophthalmologist, and clear Patellas. DNA clear for Episodic falling, Curly coat Dry Eye, and DM. He has done well in the show ring and has now finished his Championship. He is co-owned with my good friend Megan Cromwell.

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